Here is  my new vision :

I am here to « finally » introduce you fine wines from authentic vineyards, those who favor the quality of exchange.
Due to my passion, I bring you moments of emotion, sharing and dreams.
I highlight the vineyards of known designation but most of it, the ones particularly working on a total respect of traditions and on the most encouraging way for the environment.
The animation brings moments of pure pleasure, it establishes a serene and pleasant exchange. It is offered to you.

Other activities :

  • Food and wine pairing advice.
  • Elaboration of your personal wine cellar by country, by vines, by vintage wines, by vineyards.
  • Elaboration of wine lists for particularly anti-brands restaurants, centered on the originality, the ecology, the purest discovery.
  • Staff training for an ease wine selling.




*Comes from La Provence and Portes de la Camargue
*He is rocked in the vines from his childhood by his parents, who are farmers
*He makes his apprenticeship at the Agriculture School of Carpentras
*Later on he will join greats star chefs In the United Kingdom and then in France
*After 19 years of career in the haute cuisine, traveling around the world, then the growing demand of clients particularly sensitive on the environment, as well as a thoughtful eating way, he creates a unique concept: « to make custom-made products to fill the needs of demanding clients in research of balance and health »
*This Original Fusion pairing, in a globalizing world, brings a unique key mainly over the natural vision of eating and drinking on the best healthy way for the body and the soul.

Frédéric José is also fluent in French, Spanish and Italian.




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